An Exhibition in Hong Kong

I had the most extraordinary experience in Hong Kong this month.  Having an exhibition consisting of over one hundred and twenty illustrations for my mother’s first ever book.  The title of the book was translated cleverly by Enoch Yiu from South China Morning Post as “Chun’s life in Hong Kong is like a delicious meal”  I can not imagine the pictures being placed more perfectly and appropriately than in this old building nicknamed by the locals as The Red Brick House.  The area (Sai Ying Pun ) is still very much like the Hong Kong that I remember from the 70s.  From searching for the right location, building walls for hanging spaces, printing banners and posters, advertising on the internet, sending invitations, attracting media attentions, providing food and gifts at the opening night to designing bespoke frames for the pictures, Chua lam and Ranee Kwok along with their team of helpers must had have done a mountainous amount of work to make the exhibition real.  I don’t know what I have done to deserve this kindness.  Click the text you will see a video which was taken the day after the opening night which my father thrived to attend.  Really he was the star of the night, his life celebrated in most of the pictures ,with so many of his friends and students  coming to the event to say a final goodbye :He was clearly loved.
He passed away a week after the opening of the exhibition after managing to return to New Jersey where he wished to be buried.  My daughter played a song on her violin that my father used to sing a lot to himself called “Pursue”.  The last two lines of this song are
“Pursue the infinite affection.  Search for that eternal light”