Please take a stroll in my Garden of Paradise…

Please take a stroll in my Garden of Paradise…

Marks and Spencers

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My Mom is a foreigner, but not for me

My mom is a foreigner but not for me

By Julianne Moore, illustrations Meilo So (Read full review, click).

 Ladies Portraits

Ladies Portraits (click on image)

The Brush of God

brushofthegods(click on image to read full review)

“Meilo So’s exquisite, vigorous illustrations convey the excitement of art bursting effortlessly from the tip of the boy’s brush.”
Wall Street Journal June 2013
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 When Thunder Comes

whenthethundercomes (click on image to read full review)

Meilo So’s smudgy likeness of slain politician Harvey Milk captures his determination and foreshadows” Read full review…(click).

Alex the Parrot

(click on image to read reviews)

Meilo So adds zest to this consequential story by setting exquisite watercolors of Alex amid colorful 1970s-style drawings.” Read full review..(click).

Water Sings Blue

Water sings blue - Meilo So Illustrations (c)(click on image to read reviews)

“So’s watercolor spreads are supple and filled with life—fish cluster around the “wide green map/ on Sea Turtle’s back,” while a gulper eel is entwined with a dragonlike oarfish. Like the tide that repeats, “I was here,/ wasss here/ wasssss here…” the evocative descriptions and images echo and linger” Read full review…(click).




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